Saturday, May 13, 2017

Hello! Its been a while....again. Things have changed...also, again.

Hello to my few remaining followers. I am back. And sorry. I have a lot of explaining to do. I will.

I do not consider myself so special as to assume I have any followers left who even remember that I exist in blog If you are here its because you haven't purged your reader list or subscriptions. I am aware. I am not offended. I totally get it. I am holding space for any other reasons you may still be here as well.  Either way, I love you, and I have a lot of thoughts to share with you. Not sure it will be your cup of tea though. My entire take on home, life, world, universe, God, purpose and just about everything else, has shifted, and continues to shift. I'll get to that later. My point is, this blog may not be your jam. And that is ok.
Feel free to stay. Read. Comment. Share. Disagree. Agree. Discuss. Do all of those things, one, two, or more or feel free to leave. Really, its up to you. I will respect your choice. Promise. I do ask, if you stay, that you comment respectfully. All opinions, experiences, thoughts etc need to be shared in a loving way. Disagree. Share why, or what influenced you to feel that way. Share how you feel. Your perspective is valued here. Their are no wrong answers or ideas. They all matter. We just share from a positive light. We share to expand each others perspectives. Even if we disagree, we both (all) grow from seeing the situation from another persons heart felt, raw, unfiltered, truth. When we share in love, we share our lives, we grow in conscious awareness of another persons perspective, we begin to see how the other sees. Trust me, that is a good thing. Ill get to that too.
Okay, here goes nothing...or everything....we shall see! (I am excited! Are you?)

For those of you who stayed, or just arrived, or found this by mistake? (or other), Hi! When I finally started this blog, in 2012, I wanted a place to put my thoughts and feelings, and all the other stuff that makes up me, a life journal...yep, that is a good description. BUT, I struggle with my ego. My ego tells me that if I am honest and share my heart and soul, I will be hurting those I love. You know, people whose lives have affected (or effected, I cannot keep those two straight!) my life and therefore are part of my story. Yeah, those people. What if they read my ramblings, think, or know I am talking about them and BAM, now I've hurt their feelings, or maybe they think they have hurt mine!? I do not want that. Soooooo. I try to alter the truth, just enough that everything is vague to sunshine...instead of all the flavors in between. Those missing pieces are the ones I really want to document. I am documenting my growth. I grow by sharing and exchanging ideas with people who are open to the fact that life gets messy. I grow by hearing about your struggles, and successes. I grow from feeling angry, or hurt, or jealous, or sad. I grow when I can share my feelings and how I am learning that my perspective is often, dare I say always, different. I think we all have something to offer. I think we all have love inside us to share. I think the more we share, the closer to the truth we become. The less we share, the more isolated we feel. I think society makes us feel like having feelings is bad. Weak. Less and less people are sharing their truths. We stop growing in love. WE START US/THEM THINKING. We forget that our actions truly affect the lives of those around us. It starts a ripple effect(😕) We start identifying people by race, religion, country, gender, financial status, and on and on ∞. So.... my purpose here is to share my journey, and hold space for you to share yours, if you feel so inclined. Heavenly Father/God/Source/Universe/Creator of everything/Spirit (Big S, not little 😉) holding space for other names and ways of identifying , . All of them, I am learning have value. Not all teachings are correct for everyone, but all hold value. Even if you only learn that you do not believe the practice,ritual,beliefs,etc are true(to you), it still helps to understand the other perspectives, belief drives us, understanding another's beliefs helps you (well me for sure. You have to/get to decide for yourself🌻.) understand them! Really, truly, it does. The more I allow others to share with me from the listening to understand not judge, perspective! WOAH! Growth. Understanding you, changes me. I really don't think I am alone in this. Soooo.. ...... come on in....lets share our truths. Or you can just read mine and sit with it. Or whatever works for you. BUT I'd sure like you to interact. Cuz....sharing is caring.

In short, my views have expanded. I am making room in my heart, thoughts, soul for the endless possibilities this life has to offer. I am shedding my views that restrict my view. I am changing into a person who wants to practice unconditional love. I want to know you and have you know me. I want to be free to be me and hold my truths and still have space for you and yours. I want that with, and for as many people as possible. I want you to have that option too.
Want to join me on my journey and take me along on yours as you see fit? YAY! I have a few friends in mind to write up posts for us, sharing their souls and lives with us. If you want to as well, please let me know!

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