Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Major life changes...

Over the course of the past twelve plus months a lot of things have changed around here. The most obvious would be the fact that we are no longer fostering kids.
At first, we thought it would be nice to take a short break. Especially after all the drama from that summer. My feelings were hurt. I was not alone in that anger & pain. The longer we went without having foster kids the more apparent it was that we were done, likely for good.
Now the anger is gone. I'm still a little baffled by the events leading up to our need for a break..... but I know it's for the best. I believe God has a plan for all involved. I am confident in that.
We have had a lot of time as a family to grow and heal. In fact I am the only one to openly discuss my feelings about the child who left with such short notice. Dakota and Brady are doing great. They are both in school this year and taking to it like a fish to the water.
Brady has already had a friend sleep over. That was a lot of fun for him. I look forward to the next friend to visit. I love hearing about his day when he comes home from school each day. He has some great stories. That kid is animated. (Some might say toooooo animated) Aside from the redicoulos clapping that erupts spontaneously, school has been great for him. He is lucky, his school starts just after 9am and therefore allows a him to sleep in quite a bit later than Dakota.
As a freshman, Dakota is at the high school across town. South Albany High School, home of the Rebels. Dakota is taking Spanish and Small Engines as his electives this year. He LOVES Spanish. He is doing great in his classes. His teachers say he works really hard. He is a teenager, and with that comes some serious mood swings! Holy roller-coaster Batman! I feel the stuggles, NOT my favorite part of parenting. I know this too shall pass..... In all honesty the past few days have been better and better. I hope we are on a long upswing. No matter what, I  love him. My heart just breaks for him when I feel like he doesn't know how to say what is on his mind. I can imagine how frustrating it is to look and feel grown-up but still have a few years left as a man-child. (If you read this Dakota, I love you).
Jason is great. His business is thriving. We are not rich, but we are getting along just fine. I get to help him in the shop a bit more, with the kids away at school. He stays pretty darn busy. (I love that man!)
We are getting to spend a lot more time together and it has been great. He is such a funny doood. Some of his stories are hysterical. I can't be specific, cuz that would not be polite. ;0)
All in all, life has changed... A LOT. And life is GOOD!

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