Sunday, August 26, 2012

Another round of sickness...more missed events :0(

This past week has been another fan-stinkin-tastic one. It began with "Coco" and the fever and then slowly made its way through the whole crew. We are talking about some serious bouts with vomit, fever, snot, coughing and diarrhea. Yippee! I have bee incredibly busy. Yesterday it hit me. I am pushing through, kind of.
In the midst of the illness we had another child move in. He is 7 years old and has been asked to leave a lot of placements in the past nearly 2 years. I was leery about taking him in after the trio. They were hard kids, and I do not want to add to this little dudes trauma by not being able to handle him. The hubs and I talked about it, and decided that this is what we do. We take in the hard kids. Someone has to, why not us? So to all of my praying friends please keep us in your prayers. I am hopeful that we can make this his last placement before he moves home with his mom, (which I hear shouldn't be too very long).
As for the rest of us, we are adjusting to a slighly different pace. It is wonderful to have moments of quiet. I have missed that. "Earth" is regressing some. He really wants to be a baby like the "Princess" and"Curly". That has not been as fun as it might sound. A nearly five year old doing his business in his pants is NOT at all fun. I think he is done with that now. Let's hope :) "Coco" and "Baby B" are doing really well with the little kids. I think they needed a change of pace. The Dad is hiding out in the shop, or "working" a lot. LOL No, really he has been super busy playing catch up from our out of state last month. This sickness has seemingly skipped him.
I missed two of my nieces birthday parties this week. It doesn't help that they were so close together, but they didn't choose to be born on the same day. I feel bad. It seems like I miss a lot of family functions due to some illness or another. Some how the kids can't seem to let any sickness pass without taking it for a ride through our family. I can only hope that my family can understand.

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