Monday, July 9, 2012

It's transition time again.....

I talked with the kids caseworker today. It seems that they have a tentative return home schedule. They should be going home sometime next month. This is the point where I am usually really heartsick and devastated. I would spend the next hour spelling out all of my concerns and sorrows. Not this time. It is weird, I think I am beginning to mature as a foster parent. What? Me? Mature? Seriously though, my husband and I had a nice discussion this morning about how we are ready to have the kids go home. I don't think we have ever really felt that way before. Please don't misunderstand, I am going to worry about them terribly, and miss them like crazy. It's just that my heart is prepared for all of that this time, in a way it never has been before. Maybe because we were never asked if we would be willing to keep this family forever. Adoption was never mentioned. Maybe we are just really settling in to what it really means to be a foster family. Hey, better late than never. So that's where we are, preparing for this family of kiddos to fly the coup, leave the nest, or a better way to think about it, preparing to be reunited with their biological family. As always, prayers would be wonderful.

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