Thursday, July 12, 2012

We Homeschool Our Way :~D

We homeschool differently than a lot of people. Then again, I think a lot of homeschool families feel that way. I think much of the beauty of home education lies in our ability to accommodate our children and their individual needs. I love being able to see the spark ignite as my child grasps a concept that has been evading him. It's like watching him crawl for the first time. My heart races. It is awesome. Every child learns at a different pace. Every child has his or her own preferred method of receiving instruction. I love being able to "trick" my kids into learning. I love it when they tell people we homeschool. I think my favorite example is when they were talking to a friend, who happens to attend public school, about how they don't really do much "school work" but they play on their IPads, and read books. Then in the next breath my youngest started spouting facts about Ben Franklin, frogs and their life-cycle, and telling him about a book he had just finished reading. :~D
I love it when they learn and are not aware of it.
Why am I telling you all of this?
It's testing time again. This is the time of year I really struggle. Not that my kids are not smart enough, that really isn't my concern. I really worry that I have not given them all of the tools they need to test well. I do not teach my kids to test. I don't even test them myself. I bet I could make their test scores amazing if i did :) I don't really want to though. I don't want to tailor their education to the states approved testing material only. I like our self-directed learning. We could be more structured, it wouldn't hurt. The kids are happy. The hubby is happy. I am happy.
What more can a girl ask for?

Well, there is always that! >giggle< Have a great day. 
Thanks for listening!
Do you homeschool? Leave a comment about your favorite moment, or at least one you love! Have questions about homeschooling? Feel free to ask!

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