Thursday, October 6, 2011

It's my birthday! AKA Can I get a Woot Woot part 2

Today is my birthday! Well technically yesterday was, because it is after midnight. I had a wonderful day. I was completely spoiled today. My day began with super smuggles from my two wonderful boys. They presented me with a hand made card, each of them made his own card for me!!! Dakota's card had drawings of me as a child, teen and an adult, his artwork was magnificent. Brady's card had a special pocket with a drawing of me, and a slew of incredibly cute creations from pipe cleaners! I love them both. Next I was served breakfast in bed, complete with bacon, eggs, and coffee! Yumm-o! This breakfast was cooked in my brand new, cast-iron skillet! Next, I was presented a bunch of chocolates and a really cute, fluffy frog from the boys and a gift set of white diamonds perfume, soap and lotion from Jason! (apparently I am stinky:0) the boys cleaned the hous and offered to give me a speacial hair brushing (I love to have my hair brushed!!!!) then a foot rub and more coffee! Then they went to town and returned with an Ipad2, with pink cover and shell! I am posting from it now ;-). Then I was taken out for dinner and we had yummy cake. Life is good. Really good.
We all know the gifts on your birthday are wonderful, but they are not what makes the day, it's all the people remembering your day and taking the time to call, text, email, or Facebook a well wish! Thank you, to all of my friends and family who took time to make me feel loved today. You are all awesome!

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