Thursday, October 6, 2011

The amazing epiphany...

Earlier this week we had the two foster kids, whom have lived with us for 15 months, move home with their biological mom. We were sad to see them go, yet happy they were with their mom. While they were transitioning home we relized a few things. One, it was incredibly hard to parent them, they required far more time and energy than I knew. We were always waiting for the next tantrum or other such incident. Two, We were all tired. The days they visited with their mom provided my family with a lot of down time. Three, We reflected over the past year and we were kind of relieved to be free from the hard work of raising children from a neglected and unstructured home. We decided that maybe we should take some time off, or potentially be done fostering.
Then we got a call tonight asking us to take in a family of three kiddos. My husband and I were thrilled to serve another family of kids in need. The boys were too. We won't know for a while if the kids will be removed from their home, but we do know that our hearts and home are open to serve.
That's the epiphany, God will provide us with rest in preparation for the next set of kids who need a family. After all, love is something you can give freely without ever running out!

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