Friday, November 2, 2012

30 days of thankfulness, day 2

Today I am thankful for forgiveness and mercy.

I am thankful for the knowledge that I can make mistakes and repent and be forgiven. I am full of error. I make more mistakes in a day than I care to admit. I even deliberately, without much thought speak unkindly to or about someone far more often than I care to admit. I am grateful for a Creator, and heavenly father who knows my heart and is able to see me for who He would like me to be as well as who I am currently. I am thankful for His mercy and forgiveness.

I am thankful for the ability and desire to mirror Him to forgive and be merciful. I am nowhere near as merciful, but I try to be daily. I love that people can do unkind and hurtful things and with God's grace I can forgive them when asked, or be merciful and forgive them without them ever having to ask.

I am grateful for others forgiveness and mercy.

I am grateful for yours.... Thank you for allowing me to be fallible and flawed. Thank you for your ability to forgive. Heaven knows we all need it from time to time :0)

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