Friday, August 10, 2012

Our adventure and the new additions....

Sorry once again for my lack of posting. The past couple of weeks have been full of spontaneous adventure, leading my family across 5 states, to and fro, in eight days! We had a great time visiting with family we have not seen in over a decade. My boys met their Wisconsin grandma for the first time. We rescued our niece from a bad situation. She has come to stay with us. Life is good. As usually, BUSY, but good.

After returning from our trip I received a call from DHS asking our family to take in two more kiddos. How could I say no? These two are really sweet, loud, a little mean (mostly to each other) and absolutely adorable. They are a boy, age 2 and his sister, age 3. Of course neither of them is potty trained, so back to diapers for me! Oh well, it is totally worth it. They are that much fun. I admit it, I LOVE toddlers.

So, lets recap our household for new readers... In order of residence in our home.
My wonderful, hard working, self employed, husband and all around plaything and father.
Me, otherwise known as "mom" or in our house more often referred to as "MOMBA" Don't ask, I don't know exactly how that one morphed.... lol
Our oldest biological son, "Coco"(12).
Our youngest bio son, "Baby~B"(9) .
The trio... 2 boys, 1 girl. who we shall call "Rock Brain" (6), "Space Invader"(3), and" Nosy  Nelly"(8)
Our Niece, (young adult) Sasha.
The only child, boy,  "Earth.Wind, Fire" (4)
The newest two girl(3) "the princess" and her brother (2) "Curly"

Yep, that makes 11 people in our home. I'm loving it!

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