Sunday, July 1, 2012

The "Softer Side" (of Sears)

It's funny to me how often I am asked for advice on parenting difficult children.
I certainly do not feel like a stellar example of grace, poise, patients, forgiveness, and all of the other qualities a mother should be. I am flawed. Seriously flawed even.
I lovey kids. I love my foster kids. I try to love without prejudice. I try to look past the behavior and see the heart of the child. Some days I feel pretty successful, other days....not so much. Some days I am to harsh. To hurried. To self-righteous. Sometimes I find that I have spent more of the day disciplining (you know, timeouts, lectures,chores, etc) behaviors that maybe should've been looked at from a different angle or overlooked altogether. Behaviors that maybe don't mean what any person initially would think. Maybe I could've praised the good choices more and paid less attention to the not-so-wonderful choices.
That is where I am today. Feeling a bit guilty and ashamed of some of the harsher judgements and consequences and lack of praise and understanding. That is where my dear hubby has been known to call "the softer side of sears" time to step back and let them learn love, trust, and gentleness. I pray that Heavenly Father will give me the patience and understanding needed.

I will leave you with a few little laughs. They are so funny because they are true... Not the way we should think, but often how we do think.... (Do you like how I said "WE" when in fact I am speakiming of me.....?)
Sorry the graphics are goofy, I took them from Facebook and put them on here from my phone.....

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