Monday, March 12, 2012

Ovarian Guilt....

I know I am NOT alone when I get to thinking that my life is crazy. I can't be. After all, I am NOT the only mom out there. I'm NOT the only homeschooling, foster kid having, stay at home, mom of many (well at least today there are many :0) I am NOT the only parent who has to get kids to therapy weekly, chat with caseworkers, deal with the biological parent visits, doctors, occupational therapy, speech therapy, psychiatric appointments, physical therapy, library, field trip, suspension, CASA worker, public school for some, homeschool for two, and on the list goes.
 I KNOW I am NOT alone. 
I am NOT special.
I am a MOM.
  It sounds like it, but I am also NOT complaining.

 I am making excuses. At the very least I am trying to justify my lack of attention to people outside of my home. I have guilt. I have heard this particular kind of guilt referred to as "ovarian guilt". We women are so good at making ourselves feel bad for, well, doing our job. I feel guilty for not making time for my friends. I feel guilty for not staying in touch with my sister, even though I know her plate is full with seven kids, a husband, a job, church activities, school activities as well as a bunch of the others I listed above... I feel guilty that I am not able to visit with my parents as often as I would like too, or my brother and his family.  I find comfort in knowing that I am giving my best to my family at home. My husband and children get my very best. They get all the time they need from me, and right now, I don't have a lot left over. My kids are benefiting from me being with them and loving on them and putting them ahead of the rest of the world. My husband feels special because I am able to give him some special time every night, either reading, or watching a show, or talking, I am even playing video games with him in the evening. It has been great for us. But the guilt remains....

Anyone have suggestions for alleviating said guilt? How do you balance it all? Leave me a comment with your suggestions or strategies. I'd love to hear from you.

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