Sunday, September 4, 2011

Changing my outlook and priorities...

So a few days have past and I find myself more at peace with the kids going home. I still don't like it, but that is just an example of my selfishness. I am trying to see this through the eyes of their mother. I am happy for her. I am just sad for my family. Please continue to pray for all of us...

On another subject....

I really want to change my life. There is a lot about it I love, and much that I don't.
I love..
That my family is close.
That my husband works hard to provide for us.
That my children are refered to by others as respectful and polite,
That I am able to stay home with my kids.
That I get to be active in their lives and education by home schooling them.
That we have all that we need and some that we want....
I don't love?...
That my family is not close to God. (sometimes it feels like the more I want that for us the further away it becomes...)
That my family does not attend church. ( I dont even know where to begin to find one that fits us)
That my priorities are WAY wrong. ( I know what I want to do, but it is hard to implement all of the changes...
That I still smoke. (I feel weak. I hate it.)
That I am over weight. ( that holds me back from a lot)
That I am not a good example to my children. (the above two examples are only the top of the pile!)
Today I am asking for prayer to help make the changes. To know where to start. To have the strength to follow through. Thanks in advance...

What do you love and not love about your life? Can I pray for you?

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