Saturday, December 17, 2011

Cool things I read about motherhood this week, :0)

A wise woman builds her home is a blog I have recently come to read. I have found a lot of inspiring and uplifting posts. This week was no exception. Please pop over and read  this guest post. I don't know about you but this blog post touches my heart. I hope we all can remember (more often then not) that our callings as  homemakers, wives, and mothers are our most important callings with eternal rewards for ourselves and our families. I know I could use a reminder from time to time. I think we all have to remember the importance of our job as a wife and mom against the majority of the world insisting that we could be, have, or do, so much more. We have the ability to do many things, limitless really, but nothing is as powerful or respectable as being a wife and mother. I believe there is no higher calling. We affect the lives of the next generation. We influence their tomorrow, with love and training today. I consider myself privileged to be able to stay at home and raise my children and assist in raising  foster children. There is nothing I would rather do.

Raising Olives has posted a neat  homemade and yummy smelling craft fro the kids to make. Imagine some other creative shape to make for year round fun (I'm thinking I will make some for dresser drawer air fresheners, think it will work?)

Life in a shoe has some great posts on feeling a little bah-humbug, or learning to see Christmas from a different angle if you have a bah-humbug attitude.

How to be Superwoman is one of my favorites too. She is not a blog writer with a really big following, but I get a lot of hope, laughter and encouragement from her. I really understand what she is talking about here.

Ok. I shared some of my favorites, I'd love you to leave a comment with some of yours.

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