Tuesday, November 22, 2011

When a virus moves in.....

When sickness hits our home, it hits hard! The past few days have been outrageous. First the Hubby and I are struck ill at the same time. Two whole days in bed, sleeping, coughing, and all around feeling yuckie. Thank goodness my children are fabulous. Dakota handled all the cooking, Brady handled all the food not requiring cooking and all the kids pitched in to make sure the house didn't completely fall apart at the seams. They even waited on Jason and I, I am grateful for big kids.

Then, comes Monday! I wake feeling quite a bit better, still sore and tired, but better. Jason, on the other hand, felt just as bad, maybe even worse. Big B was soanding terrible, KL felp bad, and so did WL ans LL. NOT PRETTY! Lot's of boogies, and sore throats, and tummy aches, head aches, tired and cranky babies. Thank Goodness Butters was feeling good. He and his teenage friend were able to watch after he sleeping kids while I took Jason to the Doctor. (Of Course My dear friend and neighbor was helping them out!)

Lot's of soup has been cooked and half eaten. lots of saltines, goldfish and cheezit cracker have been munched on, Kmart had a sale on juice boxes, so we were set there!

I am truly  grateful for my big helper, quick recovery, and lack of vomit and diarrhea this round! (It's not over yet!) Hopefully after resting up the kids will all feel better very soon. After all, it's almost Thanksgiving!!!

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